AI & Electronic Products Research

We develop and use autonomy in smart speaker, smart watch, iot technology, mobile computing and many other computer technologies.
We are also exploring integration with stronger hardware technologies and will make a powerful technology useful and revolutionary for many systems and human life development in the future.

Nova AI Bot

The Nova Ai Bot is our dream project and It is an ai technology that will be a security, defence, entertainment, transportation, medical, assisting in daily human tasks etc.

develop a general-purpose, autonomous humanoid robot capable of performing unsafe, repetitive, or boring tasks. Achieving that ultimate goal requires building software layers that help balance, navigate, sense, and interact with the physical world. We are hiring deep learning, computer vision, motion planning, controls, software engineers to solve some of our toughest engineering challenges.


NGA (Neuro Genesis Algorithm) is an ai technology that works in a slightly different way than the other ai technology and is designed to mimic human nature.

Human emotions, human activity Reasoning, responding to words, questioning, learning, knowing, thinking, creating, solving complex puzzles, security, avoiding boring tasks, etc. are able to easily handle complex technology.

Brillsberry will have all future marketable products based on its proprietary algorithm

It can revolutionize things like iot, mobile operating system, computer operating system, high security, emergency assistance, human resource development etc.

NGA Bit Map

Build AI training NGA to power our Bit Mapping to Screen. Implement Highest response-edge technology from the smallest connectivity to advance connectivity training nodes to the multi-die training tiles for processor to screen.

This means that its complete functionality is mobile, computer, laptop, etc. We use this technology in all products with a screen (display).

That is, based on this, it is used to develop the operating system required for all display based electronic products

Technology that displays color, pixels, image formation,characters, lighting, icon, touch sensing on the screen


An operating system is the most important software that runs on a computer and mobile. It manages the computer’s and mobile memory and processes, as well as all of its software and hardware. It also allows you to communicate with the computer hardware and mobile hardware without knowing how to speak the machine level language.

While many operating systems have been introduced in the world so far, Android and iOS are dominating the mobile industry today and people are getting a bit bored with it.Two initiatives in terms of technology are to be admired

However, we are researching the operating system which will have ease of use, privacy protection, improved GUI, User-Friendly Interface, and never-before-seen design with color-enhanced technology that will never bore you with its motion-based functions. We are also building the technology on top of our unique NGA ai algorithm so that its performance, speed, and utility are optimized for users.


Design and build ( computer operating system ) the NGA cOS, from the hardware and software communication enhanced in new way so for easy to control it

Revolutionary Usability, High Security, Universal Usability, Simple architecture, speed, improved efficiency, also revolutionary GUI, color-enhanced technology and we are designing with great improvement in data collection and exchange speed.It can easy to communicate with other software and hardware


A real-time operating system (RTOS) is an OS that guarantees real-time applications a certain capability within a specified function. RTOS’s are designed for critical systems and for devices like microcontrollers that are timing-specific. RTOS processing time requirements are measured in milliseconds. Any delays in responding could have disastrous consequences.

Real-time operating systems have similar functions as general-purpose OS’s (GPOS’s), like Linux, Microsoft Windows or macOS, but are designed so that a scheduler in the OS can meet specific function for different tasks.

RTOS’s also commonly appear in embedded systems, which are a combination of hardware and software designed for a specific function and may also operate within a larger system. Often, embedded systems are used in real-time environments and use a real-time operating system to communicate with the hardware.

Also in this we are building RTOS architecture on top of NGA Ai Algorithm and by implementing NGA Ai Algorithm in consumer electronic products, all these can be connected with IoT technologies and its uses are countless.

NGA Firmware  I/O

Firmware is a form of microcode or program embedded into hardware devices to help them operate effectively. Hardware like cameras, mobile phones, network cards, optical drives, printers, routers, scanners, and television remotes rely on firmware built into their memory to function smoothly.

Its main use is as a unique processing that helps software and hardware communicate and so far, computer and mobile and other electronic products have been designed individually according to their nature, causing many problems and problems in the user’s usage patterns and services.

To solve this problem, the NGA Ai Algorithm can combine multiple layers of technology into a single platform to achieve quality, functionality, innovation, etc. for each product.

NGA + intelchip

The brain of any electronic product is a microprocessor or microcontroller. It is with the help of electronic products that control and process commands etc..

In most of the computers are made based on intel microprocessor, however, based on the same hardware technology, the software required for it is designed by different systems, so we cannot use its full performance and many problems accure in users.

To address this, we are thoroughly researching the Intel microprocessor architecture and testing the NGA Ai algorithm and we are testing on a microprocessor with Intel and similar of its other architectures like AMD.

This allows the software to be easily tailored to the hardware architecture i.e. our NGA Ai algorithm is the bridge between both the hardware and the software and in simple terms can break down the multifaceted architecture into a single architecture.

NGA + Snapdragon

Snapdragon dominates most mobile computing hardware and is compatible with our NGA Ai mOS Snapdragon architecture, which means we are designing for its architecture and adapting to other mobile processor architectures.

We are also testing our NGA Ai mOS with the current Snapdragon 888 5G Mobile Platform

And all future research will continue with the NGA Ai Algorithm as the basis for everything focusing on Brilsberry’s unique microprocessor architecture.

Complex PCB

PCB design is a unique technology that can be said to be the backbone of an electronic product. The size, shape, performance , quality and electrical safety of the product all depend on it.

PCB design requires a lot of detail, because not only does it have to perform the actions needed for the product to work, but it must also fit perfectly in the product. These files are needed at the minimum to create a functional product, but we can make it easier with even more details.

Also our current projects focus on electronics products, hardware software and related technology etc. and we are experimenting with many changes in PCB design and fabrication depending on the product flexibility, usage, function, quality etc

Dedicated SOC

A System On a Chip (SOC) is an integrated circuit that integrates all components of a computer or other electronic system. These components typically include a central processing unit, memory, input/output ports and secondary storage – all on a single substrate or microchip, the size of a coin.

It may contain digital, analog, mixed-signal, and often radio frequency signal processing functions, along with a processor, the SoC usually contains a GPU (graphics processor), memory, USB controller, power management circuits, and wireless radios depending on the application.

System On a Chip (SOC) NGA Ai Algorithm We are designing appropriately We are also focusing on sophisticated techniques like System On a Chip (SOC) in an effort to bring many innovations in products by bringing many technical systems required for an electronic product under a single system.


LTM Battery

The Core of Brilsberry Battery Technology – Lithium-ion Batteries. Brilsberry battery technology is primarily based on lithium-ion batteries. This battery’s high energy density makes storing vast amounts of electricity in relatively small, light packs simple.

Brilsberry battery technology extends beyond the cells themselves. The firm has created a unique battery management system (BMS) that meticulously tracks and regulates the performance of every single cell inside the battery pack. This ground-breaking method ensures the cells function effectively, safely, and for the longest possible time.

We are also testing our unique LTM (Long Time Mobility) technology which is powerful and never seen before.

This LTM (Long Time Mobility) technology based battery can be implemented with high extension in homes, factories, business places, electronic equipment, etc.

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