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We want to make an impact in the tech world


Who we are

Brilsberry focuses on Research and development in core technologies including: iot , cpu , vlsi , sound technology, motherboard development , mobile computing , computing technology , operating system , AI and product manufacturing

We have been traveling for 11 years with huge investment in intensive research and our goal is to introduce our first major revolutionary product to the world by 2026

We also lead coursesada and deltafound software technology companies as Brilsberry affiliates and these major companies are operating with India as their headquarters

Our story

Brilsberry was founded as BRILSBERRY PVT.LTD Company on May 04, 2021, by Sam Anies to develop and sell Hardware and software technology’s

Since 2017 we have been reseach and development NGA ( Neuro Gensis Algorithm ) and It is an artificial intelligence technology with a slightly different and more in-depth process than any other artificial intelligence and using this technology to revolutionize products like iot, mobile computing, computers, and electronics.

Started by an individual in 2017 and privatized with investments in 2021 and formed into a 6-member group till date 2023 has continued this research and development.

We are following several phases research and we will be launching our first revolutionary product in 2026.

And we believe that this industry will make a huge impact in the industrial world

Click on this link to know about our ongoing research


We are developing our products with the next ten years in mind

And for the first ten years we plan to grow our roots in the computer,mobile industry and consumer electronics and focus on innovation and development.

Apart from that, hardware and related software and services are manufactured in India and sold worldwide

We see it as our main mission to introduce the best inventions to the world


Our current mission is to market products based on our research and development

We are doing all the processing work

And by the end of 2024, we are planning to release the first intermediate product in the consumer electronics category, an IoT consumer product.

After that in 2026 we will be the first to market our best revolutionary products across India

Along with this we aim to expand our service across India and after success in this we aim to market the improved products of the revolutionary product globally.

Table of revolutionary products like smart speaker, smart watch, Nova Ai Bot, Smart Home, Ai Earbuds, Ai Power Bank, Ai music, Mobile Computing, Computers and other Consumer Electronics

All these products are based on innovative technology

Our passion

Brilsberry policy and culture we place utmost emphasis on innovation and we are passionate about technology, design, color, product quality, product usability, ease of use etc.

And with the principle that everything we do every day should have an impact on the technology in the world, we are making every effort and improvement.


There is something interesting behind the name Brilsberry 

According to Sam Anis, the company’s name was inspired by his strawberry

Because strawberry is a fruit with special character and delicious taste and is a fruit that is loved by all

Like that, the name Strawberry was chosen on January 9, 2020 in order to keep the characteristic of Strawberry as the name of the company on the basis that it should be a company that is welcome among the people and a company that is liked by all.

Before that, the name Strawberry was deeply ingrained in the sam anies mind

After some deliberation, change the name brilsberry emerged on April 1, 2020 as a more refined name

However everyone loved the name Brillsberry

Accordingly, on April 19, the name of the company was unanimously named brilsberry


We haven’t given any big announcements yet because we are focusing on research and development till 2026.

But definitely when we market our first product our advertisement in all kinds of media will come your way

And we are also doing work for that which is a little different kind of advertisement than usual advertisement

Established new org

On January 1, 2023, we started an IT service company called “Delta found ” by direction of Brilsberry


April 19,2023 The Education Platform”Course Sada” was launched by direction of Brilsberry

The whole purpose of this company is to provide technology based information, curriculums in an improved way and through the system we have learned so far and simply to provide various courses to the students or professional.

Brilsberry MD


Chief Executive Officer

Sam Anies is the CEO of Brilsberry and serves on its board of directors.

Make Better World !

To make an impact on the world through technology and we are striving to make more discoveries and create a prosperous society

Employment opportunities, individual person economic growth, health, development of the country, all these we can achieve through technology and so we are also traveling on this prosperous path

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